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Athletes of the Month

Allendale Boosters have the in-season coaches select athletes who go above and beyond for a monthly award.
Fall sports will be presented in September and October.
Winter sports will be presented in January and February.
Spring sports will be presented in April and May.
This award is presented by the coaches to the athletes at the monthly boosters meeting.
The athlete receives a certificate and a T-shirt.
Family, friends and teammates are encouraged to come to the meeting and support their athlete.

Congratulations to the September 2019 Athletes of the Month:

Hayden Rhodea (Boys Cross Country - Varsity)
Mikaela Berna (Girls Golf - Varsity)
Reese Buhlman (Girls Golf - Junior Varsity)
Alyssa Schroeder (Volleyball - Freshman)
Brandon Holstege (Football - Junior Varsity)
Brenna Pothoof (Girls Cross Country - Varsity)

Rachel Carlson (Volleyball - Varsity)
Brenna Couturier (Volleyball  - Junior Varsity)
Catherine Szenas (Sideline Cheer - Varsity)
JoshGunneson (Football - Freshman)
Jacob "Kai" DeBoer (Football - Varsity)
Nathan Tomasek (Boys Soccer - Junior Varsity)

Oscar Mendoza (Boys Soccer - Varsity)

Congratulations to the Athletes of the Month - May 2019:


Kori Baumann (Girls Track - Varsity)
Taylor Adams (Girls Soccer - Varsity)
Haley Arsenault (Girls Softball - Varsity)
MItchell Hartz (Boys Golf - Varsity)
Jeremy Wiersema (Boys Baseball - Varsity)
Joe Fordney (Boys Track - Varsity)
TJ Walters (Boys Track - Varsity)
Justina Felicioni (Girls Soccer - JV)
Collin Genuise (Boys Baseball - JV)
Morgan Dyke ( Girls Softball - JV)

Congratulations to the Athletes of the Month - April 2019:

Connor Woods (Boys Track)
Chaney Rickard (Girls Track)
Ryan Hart (Boys Golf)
Maddy Brown (Varsity Girls Soccer)
Rehema Sango (JV Girls Soccer)
Alecia Steele (JV Girls Softball)
Sammey Slanger (Varsity Girls Softball)
Mitch Umlor (JV Boys Baseball)
Mason Vredeveld (Varsity Boys Baseball)

Congratulations to the Athletes of the Month - February 2019:

Tyler Emmert (Boys Bowling - Varsity)
Jenna Marsman (Girls Basketball - Junior Varsity)
Brett Reese (Boys Basketball - Junior Varsity)
Avery Rickard (Girls Basketball - Freshman)
Grace Rosser (Girls Basketball - Varsity)
Laura Svendgaard (Girls Bowling - Varsity)
Isaac TerBeek (Boys Basketball - Varsity)
Andrew Tiemyer-Smith (Boys Basketball - Freshman)

Congratulations to the Athletes of the Month - January 2019:

Eli Baumann (Boys Basketball - Freshman)
Emma Burk (Girls Basketball - Freshman)
Ryan Carlson (Bowling - Varsity)
Adam Hotovy (Boys Basketball - Varsity)
Matthew Jozwiak (Boys Basketball - Junior Varsity)
Anna Koning (Girls Basketball - Junior Varsity)
Brooke Nyenhuis (Bowling - Varsity)
Audrey Vereeke (Girls Basketball - Varsity)

Congratulations to the Athletes of the Month - November 2018:

Henry Austin (Boys Cross Country - Varsity)
Alissa Beachum (Girls Golf - Varsity)
Grace Bond (Girls Golf - Junior Varsity)
Brenna Couturier (Volleyball - Freshman)
Sam Curtis (Football - Junior Varsity)
Sophia DiPiazza (Girls Cross Country - Varsity)

Hannah Forest (Volleyball - Varsity)
Catherine Hildebrand (Volleyball  - Junior Varsity)
Matthew Jozwiak (Football - Freshman)
Cameron McCullough (Football - Varsity)
Irving Osorlo (Boys Soccer - Junior Varsity)

Xavier Walser (Boys Soccer - Varsity)

Congratulations to the Athletes of the Month - October 2018:

Kori Baumann (Girls Cross Country - Varsity)
Reagan Buhlman (Girls Golf - Junior Varsity)
Reese Buhlman (Girls Golf - Junior Varsity)
Owen Burk (Football - Varsity)
Trey Ellens (Boys Soccer - Varsity)
Collin Genuise (Boys Soccer - Junior Varsity)
Molly Green (Volleyball - Freshman)
Brandon Holstege (Football - Freshman)
Anisa MacOwan (Cheer - Varsity)
Dakota Riemersma (Boys Cross Country - Varsity)
James Sall (Football - Junior Varsity)
Emily Spigner (Volleyball - Varsity)
Alex Tenney (Girls Golf - Varsity)
Micayla Timmer (Volleyball - Junior Varsity)

Congratulations to the Athletes of the Month - September 2018:
Alaina Barksdale (Girls Golf - Junior Varsity)
Shelby Boelens (Volleyball - Junior Varsity)
Joe Fordney (Cross Country - Varsity)
Jay Francis (Boys Soccer - Junior Varsity)
Peyton Lipscomb (Football - Varsity)
Lily MacOwan (Cheer - Varsity)
Isabelle Novak  (Girls Golf - Varsity)
Jarred Nyboer (Football - Freshman)
Jerry Rangel (Boys Soccer - Varsity)
Hannah Schroeder (Volleyball - Freshman)
Jordan Silvis (Football - Junior Varsity)
Madi Springer (Cross Country - Junior Varsity)
Audrey Vereeke (Volleyball - Varsity)


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